Open Dialogue: A 2020 Blog Series

An intimate look into the private lives of artists and creatives, during the global pandemic.

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Life is full of unexpected events. We were all impacted by a single incident this year. Yet we’ve all experienced varying effects, which reflects our interconnectedness.

Open Dialogue follows the stories of individual artists and creatives, on their 2020 journey.

Through short pieces of written dialogues, I show the uniqueness of each challenge faced. Highlighting the wisdom used to overcome adversity, from Zoom to Medium, one thing has become clear.

Humans share a profound ability to overcome life’s challenges.

Hi! I’m Simi.

Simi — Photo By Midnight Dominator

I’m a creator and poet using storytelling to share ideas about personal development, writing and spiritual growth.

I’ve spent years procrastinating. Now I’m done being afraid of the page or publishing and teamed up with Storyville Records to create this series.

Storyville Records is Europe’s oldest independent jazz label, releasing a rich variety of records in the jazz, soul, blues and related musical genres.

With A&R Consultant Christian Brorsen, we’re highlighting the untold stories of emerging talent, positively and negatively affected by Covid-19.

I reached out to people on Instagram with a short message and explained what I was doing.

A bunch of people ignored me but some got back to me and arranged meetings via Zoom.

Image of Instagram DM: @simi_writes
Screenshot of Simi Zoom Session with Isaiah J Thompson

I had a few questions but focused on listening to each story and letting other people take control of the conversation.

After two hours with each person and triple that listening, writing and re-writing each piece, the series is complete.

Isaiah and Simi on Zoom

Here’s a list of the people I spoke to:

  • Dijian Eccles — Executive Producer at DMND CLR
  • Mikey Singh — Web Developer and Business Coach at ADD+
  • Isaiah J. Thompson — Jazz Pianist and Composer

I put together a short article about what I learnt from the interviews — have a read here!

We launch the series on January 4th releasing two articles a week!

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