Ideas That Helped This Black Tech Leader Battle Dyslexia and Build a Digital Marketing Agency

Alex Onalaja


Being labelled anything is a challenge. Though some labels are heavier to bear than others, categorising people based on sweeping generalisations doesn’t bode well. Learning Impairments are no different and present issues that can be managed in our younger years.

In some cases, problems carry over into adulthood that could have been addressed in our infancy. Black Tech Influential Voice and Author Alex Onalaja explained the tensions of being diagnosed with dyslexia in his final year of university and how that fuelled his ambitions to redefine his purpose.

Here’s what I learnt from speaking with Alex.

Lessons From a Former Scientist on How To Think Like an Entrepreneur


The life of an entrepreneur can be lonely.

We often overlook the self-sacrifice involved to glorify the “CEO” and “Founder” avatar’s we see in the media. The lessons and wisdom of CEOs are now widely available. Content creators continue to shine an intimate light on the reality behind a business’s glamour.

But what inspires CEO’s and Founders at the beginning? What do they do to go about starting a startup? What do they avoid and who’s advise do they take?

Rotimi Alabi is the CEO and Founder of RAB Microfluidics, an end-to-end laboratory protocol solution that miniaturises standard laboratory procedures…

One Entrepreneur's Journey From Mozambique to Hull, Changing The Region For Good


Stability and chaos are both necessary ingredients for personal and professional growth. Healthy balances of both help to create strong members of society, and in cases where there are imbalances, it may disrupt a person’s prospects for happiness and self-sufficiency.

The aftermath of the Mozambican Civil War coloured Antonio’s childhood and laid the foreground for his rise to prominence as a Co-Founder, changing the technology landscape in Hull, United Kingdom.

Antonio Tombanane is the Co-Founder of TechWeek Humber, an annual exhibition of the most innovative technology products designed to address Hull’s employment challenge, and MD of GB Recruitment, a niche…

3 Key Events that Helped the CEO and Founder of Diverse and Equal Turn Her Story Around

Annette Joseph — Diverse and Equal


Two ways to make a stand for a cause is to engage in consistent action and be accountable for your actions and inactions.

Having spent an hour with Annette Joseph, I learnt that being promoted through an organisation and assuming a position of authority doesn’t mean that you will get the job done.

In the game of life, some players pose as supporters but have little substance.

Being committed to your goal is imperative.

We agreed that there is increasing cohesion within the black tech community. …

3 Tips On Perseverance From CodeandStuff Founder Fey Ijaware

Fey Ijaware — Founder @ CodeandStuff & CodePossible

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is defined by a continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. Given the year we’ve all had, difficulties are left, right and centre. 2021 may very well present fertile ground for these challenges to take root. Fey Ijaware, Senior Software Developer and Founder of CodePossible and CodeandStuff gave me an honest look into her motivations and perseverance strategies. The same ones she used to build a successful career and platforms for aspiring coders.

Why Do We Persevere?

There are lots of reasons. But before jetting off through difficulties, having a strong sense of direction is always helpful.


Actionable Insights from The Life of Black Tech Sales Network Founder and Consultant, Niall Simpson


2020 was a year that helped us all reflect, and hopefully approach 2021 with a sense of gratitude and drive.

Though this should be something we do every year, the result is often more than we expect for those who made time to do so.

I spoke with Niall Simpson, Community Founder at Black Tech Sales Network and Principal Consultant at Wiser Elite, a tech recruitment company based in London.

Here are the three lessons from Niall’s life philosophy that taught me how to approach 2021.

Open Thoughts after speaking with Mosh Balogun, Founder and Creative @ SOFT


The connection between Art and ideas is as old as time. Paintings and sculptures are not mere impersonations of objects. Instead, there’s a deep philosophical undertone confined in each work of Art.

After speaking with Mosh Balogun, Contemporary Creator @ SOFT, about his creative processes, I thought it would help me better understand his world by exploring the relationships and mechanisms that turn ideas into “Art”.

Why are ideas beautiful?

To many, it is because of our connection to them. When you think about a concept, you form a personal interpretation.

Your interpretation is built from your life experience, a meaningful association of other…

Keji’s Story to Find Herself and How She’s Helping Founders Keep Cool

Portrait — Keji Mustapha


Being a startup founder is stressful and disconcerting, especially if you’re looking for venture capital investments. A Harvard study shows that these entrepreneurs are in the highest risk category for burnout and mental health issues.

But amidst this cold, data-driven environment, some people recognize investments in wellbeing as of utmost priority. Consequently, a CEO’s composure can be his or her most valuable asset. This proves that the strongest tactics of venture capital have a human connection at their core.

From an inspiring story of going against the grain to mentorship and a compassionate approach to business, here’s what I learned…

The Story and Wisdom Behind the All Black VC Group Changing Diversity & Inclusion


There’s lots of noise out there about what it takes to become successful in business.

Not that I have all or any of the answers, but I think that its easier to get lost in an information overload than it’s ever been.

Readers are crying out for concise real-life experiences that demonstrate what’s required instead of being sold farfetched ideas in “3 Hacks or 7 Tips [Insert Here]”.

I sat down and spoke with Andy Davis, Co-Founder and Angel Investor at 10X10, a community of leading black founders in the UK, to understand his story and what he used to…

A reply from Executive Producer, Dijian Eccles, as we share new thoughts on his journey through personal identity.

Dijian Eccles — DMND CLR


Meaningful conversations are the fast track to worldly insights. Dijian Eccles shared his thoughts with me in an earlier post, where he opened up on his journey through 2020 and the techniques he used to cultivate peace of mind.

Here we talk about acceptance and the road towards a stronger sense of Identity.

On Identity:


Let me ask you — How was your time in social isolation?


I could have done more.


What do you think held you back?


I had predefined ideas about how I should live out my goals, and because of that, I decided that…

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